David Kelly

“I have become increasingly appreciative of a friend’s suggestion a few years ago that I might want to ‘consult Gavi Cohn’…

…in response to an email [and discuss with him…] another issue over our Firm’s insurance and the difficulty of sorting through the information provided by our insurer. I had taken insurance law while pursuing my LL.M but I was still troubled by the lack of transparency I confronted when evaluating proposals.

As a partner in a very small law firm I’m quite used to the fact that I don’t have lots of resources available to assist me as I work to solve a problem and I try my best not to spend precious time gathering information which may not yield a solution.

Gavi Cohn has become that invaluable resource to me as I address our continuing insurance needs. He is both knowledgeable and extraordinarily responsive to any question that comes up regarding appropriate insurance coverage and carriers.”