The Importance of Regular Insurance Check-Ups for Your Business

At CG Insurance Group, we regularly work with businesses who ask the age-old question, “If I already have insurance, why should I be looking at other policies?” The answer is simple: you don’t know if the grass is greener (or less expensive) on the other side if you’re never looking around. Every business should take the time for an annual insurance check-up to see if the policies in place are sufficient, cost-effective and right for the industry.

You Could Catch Errors

Many businesses have a number of insurance policies in place at any given time, especially dental and medical practices. If there is an error in one of your policies, you will never catch it if you don’t review them regularly. One study found that 42% of workers waste up to $750 every year in insurance benefit mistakes. Imagine what your practice might be wasting!

You Could Benefit from a Lower Rate

Insurance check-ups can save you serious money if you discover lower rates for the same policies you already have. Comparing insurance quotes and policies allows you the potential to lower the annual premiums you pay. Premiums often fluctuate as a result of things like crime rates, weather or property value.

You Have Different or New Assets

As your business grows, the objects you need to cover with your policies will change. If you locked in your insurance rates when you had less property or equipment a decade ago, you’re overdue for an insurance check-up. The single computer your office relied on 20 years ago is worth much less than the 10 tablets and 5 laptops you have today! Even if your premiums increase, you can rest assured knowing that what you own is actually covered by your policy. The worst time to find out your policy is insufficient is after a disaster occurs and you cannot afford to replace what you lost.

Insurance Check-Ups and Solutions from CG Insurance Group

CG Insurance Group offers a wide range of insurance solutions that can grow right alongside your company or dental practice. If you aren’t sure what your insurance policy needs are, or whether or not you’re your current policies are the right fit for the current state of your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. To learn more about insurance solutions from CG Insurance Group, contact us today at (410) 504-6727.