The Importance of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance is not just another cost that your practice or business pays to keep the doors open. It’s a mandatory policy that protects your employees in the event of job-related illnesses or injuries. However, is it really that important?

Workers’ Compensation 101

Every employer needs to ensure that the workplace that employees spend time in is safe. Even in the safest workplaces, accidents happen. Workers’ compensation insurance provides financial benefits for employees who experience job-related injuries or illness to reimburse medical expenses and lost wages. The policy is no-fault, so it will provide benefits whether the fault is the employer’s, the employee’s, a co-worker’s or a customer’s. By taking advantage of a workers’ compensation policy, an employee will have a limited ability to sue for additional damages.

Providing Benefits to Employees and Families

Aside from being the law, having a workers’ compensation policy is an additional benefit for your employees and your employees’ families. If an employee is unable to work after a work-related injury, your insurance will cover the cost of wages while the employee is recovering. Medical care is also covered underneath the policy. The potential cost of both of these expenses is astronomical, so a single workers’ compensation policy could save you tens of thousands of dollars if a single employee is hurt.

Protecting Your Business

A workers’ compensation policy also protects your business. In most policies, taking advantage of the benefits means that employees agree to forfeit the right to sue your business for additional financial benefits post-accident. The policy will also prevent you from the serious financial burden that paying for an employees’ medical care can be. If you have workers who travel across state lines as part of the job, make sure that your policy is written to reflect that. Every state has different insurance policy requirements, and your coverage could be declined if the policy is not adequate for your workplace.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance from CG Insurance Group

Whether you are in an industry that has a high risk of workplace injuries or an office filled with cubicles, it’s important to work with an insurance broker who knows how to assess and meet your workers’ compensation needs. If you aren’t sure what your insurance policy needs are, don’t hesitate to get in touch. To learn more about insurance solutions from CG Insurance Group, contact us today at (410) 504-6727.