The Importance of D&O in DSO

Directors & Officers (D&O) liability coverage is something that many group dental practices don’t realize that they need until it’s too late. D&O coverage protects individuals in their capacity as a board member or director/officer of an organization.

This insurance is designed to guard dental professionals against claims made as a result of their management performance. It is different than a traditional Employees & Officers (E&O) policy, since those policies cover products and services instead of management.

Why Are Directors and Officers At an Elevated Risk?

The directors within your DSO make numerous decisions that could affect any of the intersecting relationships around your practice, like those made concerning regulatory agencies, suppliers, creditors, competitors and patients. Any organization or individual that thinks they have suffered harm as a result of those decisions could take legal action. These high-profile and costly lawsuits could drain your DSO of valuable financial resources. Because mistakes can happen, especially when making complex managerial decisions, D&O liability coverage is essential.

When Could D&O Coverage Kick In?

  • Employment or Human Resources issues
  • Shareholder actions
  • Reporting mistakes
  • False or inadequate disclosures
  • DSO misrepresentations
  • Managers or officers making decisions that exceed their authority
  • Failure to follow rules, regulations or laws

Partner with CG Insurance Group for Dental D&O Coverage

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