Machinery & Equipment Coverage for Your Dental Practice

The dentistry equipment around your practice is a vital and expensive part of treating patients every day. The best way to prepare for the inevitable headaches and bills that equipment breakdowns cause is with insurance coverage.

What Does Equipment Breakdown Coverage Cover?

Equipment breakdown coverage through CG Insurance Group is designed to protect against financial losses associated with the breakdown of:

  • HVAC equipment including air conditioning units, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps and ductless systems
  • Office equipment like copy machines, fax machines, computers, telephones and printers
  • Electric panels
  • Dental equipment and machinery like dental vacuum systems, cabinet-mounted X-ray machines and imaging systems
  • Any piece of equipment that your dental practice relies on to conduct business

Equipment breakdown coverage can be added onto an existing property coverage policy and alter it to include or exclude production machinery. Equipment breakdown coverage will not just guard you against accidents, but also mechanical breakdowns, independent of a manufacturer warranty.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage: An Example

Your dental practice had an air conditioning unit whose motor short-circuited as a result of a power surge. Without equipment breakdown coverage, you would need to temporarily close your dental practice until you could get a technician to make the necessary repairs. You would be responsible for paying to fix the motor including parts and labor and take the financial losses associated with canceled and missed appointments. However, with equipment breakdown coverage you would have the cost of repairs and any missed income covered by your policy.

Partner with CG Insurance Group for Dental D&O Coverage

CG Insurance Group offers specialized insurance for dental practices including malpractice and equipment breakdown coverage. Our dental practice insurance offerings go above and beyond to protect your practice from any variety of liabilities, accidents and occurrences. To learn more about our dental insurance solutions, contact us today at (410) 504-6727.