Why CG Insurance Group?


What makes the difference between the right insurance policy and the wrong one? The expertise of the agency that you use. CG Insurance Group’s insurance specialists have a wealth of experience in the insurance industry and providing excellent customer service—and those are just two of the things that make CG Insurance Group different.

Our Roots

Gavi Cohn has been a licensed producer since 2001. For over 16 years, he has expertly managed a variety of solutions within the insurance arena. His expertise spans everything from sales to executive management, and his experience has progressed along with his knowledge. Before founding CG Insurance Group, Gavi was a producer and marketing manager for Howden Insurance Brokers (now known as PRS). Gavi began his career writing high-risk exposure in foreign countries, including Directors & Officers policies, clinical trials, products and professional liability risks. This unique background enables CG Insurance Group to work confidently with a broad range of clients.

Our Values

Above all else, CG Insurance Group is dedicated to providing a high level of customer service to all clients. Gavi has mastered risk management, client advocacy and expedient account management, to the benefit of all of his clients. From small organizations who aren’t sure what insurance policies they need to discerning clients with rigorous standards for insurance partners, CG Insurance Group can handle it all.

How We’re Different

Gavi has spent the majority of his career meeting the insurance needs of the Life Sciences, Technology, Attorney and Dental industries, so he is an expert producer in those areas. CG Insurance Group approaches each account from an underwriter’s perspective, so any guesswork is removed from the equation before it reaches the underwriter’s desk. The unique background of Gavi, combined with his uncompromising commitment to customer service, make CG Insurance different from anyone else. To learn more about insurance solutions from CG Insurance Group, contact us today at (410) 504-6727.

Our Clients

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